Christian Dudieu DJOMGA

Attorney at Law

A. Raffeek Sham Barrister Mauritius

Attorneys at Law / Trademark Attorneys
P.O.BOX 15424

Yaounde - Cameroon


Tel.    00237 222207998

Mob.  00237 242080732


Attorney at Law

Trademark Attorney

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Lecturer at Catholic University of Central Africa

Professional Activities

Business law

Corporate Law

Intellectual property Law


INTA (International Trademark Association-USA)

NAAP National Association of Patent Practitionners-USA)

APRAM (Association des Praticiens des Marques et Modèles-France)

SAIIPL (South Africa Institute for Intellectual property law- South Africa)

CTA (China Trademark Association-China)


PHD on Business Law             

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April 14, 2014


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