Democratic Republic of Congo


Presidential Democracy




69 millions (2012)

Official languages: 

French, Lingala, Suaheli, Kikongo and Tshiluba

Head of state:

President Joseph Kabila


US-$ 16 billions (2012)

Per capita:

US-$ 233 (2012)

Growth 2011 estimation:  

6.5 % real

Balance of trade:

US-$  + 1,910 millions (2012)


Congo Francs CDF

(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Germany)


Legal System

The legal system of the Democratic Republic Congo is basing on traditional customary law, but essentially too on the civil law of the former colonial head Belgium. The Superior Courts in DRCongo is the Supreme Court (Cour Supreme). The democrativ Republic Congo is member of OHADA, the organisation for the harmonization of business law in Africa.


Information for European contracting parties

United Nations Convention on Contracts for the

International Sale of Goods (CISG)



Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement

of Foreign Arbitral Awards



Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes

between States and Nationals of Other States


entry into force 1970

Particular information for Germany

Agreement about the protection of investment       

entry into force 1971   

Double tax convention 



Mrs. Charlotte TWAMBA ANDJELANI       

Avocat au Bareau Kinshasa/ Gombe

Avocat au Barreau de Kinshasa/Gombe


more information



more Information




For additional information:

Official information by the president of DRC 


Le Barreau de Kinshasa Gombe


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