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This information website shows the international interrelations of legal systems in the Sub-Saharan-States and allows users to select African law firms and attorneys offering a range of services. It provides European companies and traders with an overview of the legal reliability and possibilities in Sub-Saharan-Africa.


The economic prospects in Sub-Saharan-Africa are remarkable. For instance, the German economy is represented in Sub-Saharan-Africa by the Southern African German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Delegations of German Industry and Commerce in Angola, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.


The region is currently experiencing its longest period of growth after the end of the colonial era. The average growth rate was nearly 6 %, several African countries were among the world's fastest growing economies. The global financial and economic crisis caused only a short-term slowdown in growth.


Using our website users are able to view basic information about participating law firms and lawyers in individual countries of Sub-Saharan-Africa as well as their partnered law firms and lawyers in Europe.


Legal advice: This website contains links to several institutions, companies, lawyers and law firms. Even though we have chosen them carefully, we cannot take on any responsibility for the content and correctness of these third-party websites. The content of this website has been compiled carefully. It is explicitly indicated that you will find the actual date of the given information in the country information sites. But no warranty is made and no liability accepted as to the correctness, completeness and accurancy thereof, and nothing contained herein shall constitute any form of legal advice.

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